Berre Kimya has been Working for Domestic Biotechnological Products for 6 Years

  1. Could you briefly tell us about your company? What are the statistical data of the firm that you can share with us about domestic and foreign markets? (Export amount, turnover, export countries and weighted products)

    BERRE KİMYA SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. 2010 yılı içerisinde GÜMÜŞ ŞİRKETLER GRUBU bünyesinde kurulmuş bir firmadır. Gümüş Grup, profesyonel ekibi ile dünya standartlarındaki ürün çeşitlerini modern tesislerinde, çevre ve insan sağlığını ön planda tutarak üretmeyi, kalite yönetim sistemini sürekli geliştirmeyi ve satış sonrası hizmet devamlılığı ile azami müşteri memnuniyeti devamlılığını sağlamayı amaç edinmiştir.
    In this direction, Berre Kimya, established within its body, is the production of cosmetics and cleaning products. The factory, which has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons; It is established on an open area of ​​10.000 m² and closed area of ​​6.000 m².
    Berre Kimya exports cosmetics and cleaning products produced under its own brand to approximately 25 countries, mainly to EU countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and France.

  2. What are your goals for 2019? How would you evaluate the first quarter of 2019?

    Considering the current conjunctural situation of our country, our expectation for 2019 is to maintain our stable course and to continue to grow as conditions permit.

  3. Could you evaluate 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 in terms of your industry? What are your expectations for 2019 and what to do and suggestions in terms of the sector, if any?

    Chemical industry; unfortunately, it has the reality of being an external dependent sector for most of its inputs as raw materials and equipment.
    As such, we, as the players of this sector, were seriously affected by the currency fluctuations we experienced in 2018. Due to these and other socio-economic reasons, we could not achieve our 2018 targets.
    Despite all this, we maintain our hope that 2019 and beyond will be better for our industry and our country, and we try to continue to grow by investing in our business.
    When it comes to chemical industry, it is necessary to understand machinery and advanced technology, instead of understanding only chemicals and raw materials, which are often the inputs of equipment and raw materials in a chemical process.
    For this reason, we believe that in order for the chemical industry to advance in our country, we believe that there are priority sectors that should be supported in integration with the machinery industry and should be worked on for development.
    We believe that we, as a country, have qualified manpower for this development, but we believe that this resource should be directed by the state with correct and appropriate supports.
    According to the results of a market research conducted among sales consultants by an independent research company in November 2016, BioBellinda has become the most preferred brand of women operating in the network system.
    When the reasons for preference were examined, it was determined that the Members preferred Biobellinda products due to their high quality, reliable and domestic brand.
    With its professional team, Berre Kimya has adopted the vision of producing world-class product varieties in its modern facilities, keeping the environment and human health at the forefront, continuously improving the quality management system, supporting the current account deficit of our country with domestic production and reducing our foreign dependency.
    In this direction, it successfully continues its activities in different sectors such as food, caravan, cosmetics-cleaning products, enzyme and micellar production in different production facilities established with its own capital.
    In this sense, we have developed R&D Projects with state institutions such as Kosgeb and Tübitak to produce high-tech products.
    All these R&D activities are carried out with education level undergraduate and graduate expert staff.
    With the production of biotechnological enzymes successfully completed with the support of R&D by Kosgeb and Tübitak, our microbiology and fermentation laboratories have been established and equipped with the latest technological devices.
    As a result of this technical infrastructure and R&D studies of more than 5 years, naturally sourced, non-GMO-free indigenous cultures have been produced. Our production of high purity, durable and superior quality mushroom spawn, which is the most suitable for the production conditions of our country, continues without slowing down.

  4. It is believed that the harmonization of the SEVESO III directive with our legislation will provide great benefits in preventing major industrial accidents and reducing their effects in our country. What would you say about practices in Turkey and in Seveso?

    I think that the benefits of Seveso and other relevant legislation are indisputable when necessary and properly implemented.
    However, there is a fact that we would like to mention here; We observe that the common problems we experience in all legislation directly integrated from the EU are valid within this directive.
    At this point, our solution suggestion; In Turkey, the state of the industry and all other relevant conditions which evaluates melt in a crucible, in a suitable and practical applications of us, with our own situation we must create effective solutions to our specific legislation.

  5. In parallel with SEVESO, the chemical industry and environmental issues are of great importance for our country and especially for Kocaeli. What are your concerns about the environment and your activities in this regard as a company?

    We do not have any other world to live as humanity. As an organization that is aware of this fact, we do our best to spread this awareness in all the links of the chain, from our employees to our customers, in all processes of our businesses.
    Our company has ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Quality certificate and we have a working system in which our waste generated from raw material input to product output is completely controlled.
    In all these stages, we continue to work with professional licensed environmental consultancy firms in order to comply with all the requirements of the relevant environmental legislation.

  6. Could you give brief information about your products? Could you give information about your productions and R&D studies, if any? How can you explain your company's view of R&D and innovation?

    if we talk about our product range

    1. Skin care products
    2. Personal Cleaning and Care Products
    3. Household and General Cleaning Products
    4. Halal Certified Oral Care Products
    5. Cologne and Perfumes

    I particularly want to mention here, the sales in 2016 and has been dermatologically tested again without ammonia, which is a first in Turkey, more than 150 Permanent Creme Hair Dye Our variety of products, especially our convenience.
    The 35th of the Mushroom Days fair, which is the largest fair in the world in the mushroom industry and is repeated only every 3 years, was held in the Netherlands between May 22 and May 24, 2019.
    We bring all these products together with our consumers through the Network Marketing system with our own brand, Biobellinda.