Research & Development

It is a priority to have carefully selected pure cultures to produce a quality mycelium. During strain selection; The priority characteristics of the strain are that it is obtained from natural sources, that it is not genetically modified, that it is a strong and pure breed, that it is suitable for the geography and climate in which it will be grown, and fruit quality and yield.

To be able to supply strains with all these characteristics and to perform field tests after quality control tests require a very serious scientific research and application infrastructure.

In Fimycel facilities and satellite farms, breeding experiments and trials are carried out regularly. These trials are the last step in completing our quality assurance program. All these trials allow us to evaluate the micelles that will produce quality mushrooms and to maintain this quality.

Preserving strains that have successfully completed all tests for many years without changing their genetic characteristics requires a separate scientific and technical infrastructure.

All strains of our micelles, which are offered to the market by Fimycel, are kept in our cultural collection under -80 degrees in a way that they are preserved for centuries without losing their purity.

The effectiveness and functionality of our cultural collection is regularly checked by expert microbiologists.

Fimycel has developed one of the most sensitive and stringent quality control programs in the industry.

Our highly trained staff is committed to maintaining our high standards in the production of quality micelles. Every step of our manufacturing process is monitored and data are regularly compared with standard parameters to ensure consistency.

Applied research and development activities at Fimycel are a never-ending process that enables us to increase quality and develop new products for our customers.

Our scientific work continues in the cycle of researching and breeding new, natural and high performance strains, conducting field tests and collecting productive species.

Fimycel works in cooperation with global R&D companies and Universities to benefit from the most advanced technologies in the field of genetics. Using new technologies, we are a determined team committed to developing and preserving new mushroom varieties while maintaining the desired properties of existing fungal strains.

Advantages offered by our micelles
  • Natural origin
  • Suitable for regional conditions
  • High purity
  • Good quality and durable cork
  • Fast winding and high efficiency with LMC Technology

Fimycel products; It was developed using only traditional cultivation methods and derived from mushrooms obtained from natural sources. Genetically modified organisms were not used, and no external intervention was made to the DNA of the micelles.

Millet, which has many advantages such as its long-term durability with its hard shell and its large spreading area with its small grains, was preferred as a carrier grain in naturally sourced non-GMO exotic mushroom strains.

With the use of liquid main culture in the production of our micelles, each batch of micelle production starts from the pure strain in our rich culture collection and since it has F0 feature, maximum efficiency in winding speed and cultivation is obtained.

All of Fimycel products have been tested with field control tests. This test program has been specially developed for us and is a unique program.

Because of this program, all our strains are tested in real growing environments on commercial mushroom farms with high square meters before they are put on the market. As a result of these repeated tests, the species with the highest performance are offered to the market.

Before you, we prepare our micelles that have been tested repeatedly in other farms for your use with peace of mind.