About Us

Keşşaf Biotechnology R&D and Eng. Its services, the seeds of its commercial life were planted with Temizsan Ltd. Şti towards the end of the 1990s and germinated with Biobellinda A.Ş., BERRE KİMYA A.Ş. It is a firm rooted with the establishment of the SILVER COMPANIES GROUP in 2010 by continuing to grow.

GÜMÜŞ COMPANIES GROUP is a group that has adopted the vision of producing world-class product varieties in modern facilities with its professional team, keeping the environment and human health in the forefront, constantly improving the quality management system, supporting the current account deficit of our country with domestic production and reducing our dependence on foreign sources.

In this direction, it successfully continues its activities in different sectors such as food, caravan, cosmetic / cleaning products, enzyme and micellar production in different production facilities established with its own capital.

As Fimycel, we set out in 2013 to fill our country's lack of domestic and high quality biotechnological products, as we believe that one of the most important needs in closing the current account deficit in our country is the ability to produce products with high technology.

In this sense, we have developed R&D Projects with state institutions such as KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK to produce high technology products. We continue all these R & D activities with our expert staff consisting of Chemists and Microbiologists with at least undergraduate level education.

With the production of biotechnological enzymes, whose R&D has been successfully completed with the support of KOSGEB and TÜBİTAK, our microbiology and fermentation laboratories have been established and equipped with the latest technological devices.

At the end of a 5-year R & D study that has been going on since 2013 with this technical infrastructure; We have offered our high-quality micelles with naturally sourced GMO-free strains and local, high purity, durable and best suited to the production conditions of our country, to the service of all mushroom growers under the Fimycel brand.

What we did do is guarantee that what we can do and the TSE in Turkey in the first halal cosmetics Document area, KOSGEB and many successful projects have won the right to be supported by TUBITAK, a very useful model, and we will win in the micelle production sector similar success as a group have signed a patent and our industry, we believe we groundbreaking.